G-Spotlight Mission

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The Inter Global Film Studio
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After the clip, go and get on the bike beside the security guard. Head over
to Downtown, and into the Offices, where you need to get into the lift. It's the same office which holds a hidden package.

Head up the outside stairs to the first floor, and drive into the building through the front doors. Go up the lift and then around to the starting point.

You'll need to jump from building to building on your bike, starting from inside the current building. Rev up, and drive right through the window, and over to the next building. This first jump also counts as one of the Unique Jumps.

Ride down the building and make the second jump onto the next building. Always aim for the pink marker on the building when you jump. Do each jump until you reach the Spot Light on top of the building. Turn the light and change the display.

If you miss or fall off from a building, return to the first and go back up the lift. After you've completed the 10th jump, the stairs to that building will lower, so if you fall from that point on, you can return to that point to continue, rather than start over. The 6th and the 18th jump are also Unique Jumps.