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After the clip, you'll need to follow Candy. She'll get into her limo.

Follow Candy to Alex's location. You can either use a vehicle you prefer, or the Sparrow helicopter, to the left of where you just came out. Keep Candy's limo in eyeshot, because if you get to far away from her, you'll lose sight of where she's going.

When she arrives, she'll go up to the pool to meet Alex. You'll need to get a good vantage point in order to snap some good photos, so head over to the WK Chariot Hotel, opposite where Candy and Alex are (Gonzalez old apartment).

To the left of the hotel, is an entrance to the staircase. Go inside though there, and make your way up the stairs, until you come to the window looking over Alex and Candy. Use the camera to zoom in and take photos of their encounter.

You need to get three good photos in order for them to be of any use, so zoom as far as you can into them, and ensure both are clearly in the shots. You'll hear a sound to indicate if the photo you've taken is good enough.

Once you have them, the police will be onto you heavily, so watch out. Head back to the Film Studio to develop the pictures, and blackmail Alex Shrub.