The Job Mission

Pole Position
The Malibu Club
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Cherry Poppers
Sunshine Autos
Boat Yard

The Malibu Club
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After the clip, get into the taxi waiting outside. Make sure everyone gets in
before setting off. Head over to Little Havana, and park across the road
from the bank.

Once you're out of the car, cross the road, and head over to the bank. After you've changed, go inside and start the robbery.

After the clip, head upstairs to find the safe. Kill the four guards you see on the way, but don't kill the bank manager (he'll be hiding behind his desk). Find the lift, and go up it to the safe's location. Kill the guard up there, and get Cam on the job.

Head back down the lift, and down to the back, where the manager is. Bring him to the safe.

Go back to the main area, where Phil is. Someone hits the alarm, so be ready for attack. When the SWAT storms the building, kill them all. Once they are dead, head upstairs for the Armour and health if you need it.

Exit the bank, and get into the taxi or make a run for it and find another car. If you like you can leave Phil and Cam behind while you shake the cops off. Drive up the road to the Paint 'n' Spray, go in and have your wanted level dropped. Pick up Cam and Phil if you left them (the SWAT will still be around, so be careful), and head back to Cam's place, down in Viceport.