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The Malibu Club
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After the clip, head over to Downtown's Ammu-nation, and go and meet
Phil Cassidy. He'll be in the back, using the firing range.

He'll give you a gun, and challenge you to beat his total score of 60 in the three areas of the shooting range. You'll have to shoot as many targets as you can.

Stage one. You have 2 minutes and 100 bullets. You have to shoot at the passing dummies. Each dummy will be made up of 5 parts. You need to shoot each part of the dummy until all 5 parts are gone for it to count as a complete hit. The closest dummy is worth 1 point, the next one back 2 points and the third one back 3 points.

Stage two. You'll have 40 bullets and 1 minute to do this in. Simply shoot at any of the targets which appear in the 6 windows infront of you. You'll probably find it easier to select an area, either the left middle or right, and just move your gun up and down between those two windows, rather than go for all six.

Stage three. You'll have just 30 bullets and 1 minute. Much like the second stage, you have to shoot the targets that appear. Go for the easier shots in this one, rather that one or two which appear in the sideways window, with very little space to aim.

When your done, go and see Phil. If you've beaten his score, you'll get him on side.