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The Malibu Club
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After the clip, head down to the police station down from the club, located
in the Washington Beach area.

When you arrive, enter though the front door. You'll be shot at and arrested if you don't put your weapons away, or try to get past the reception. If you look to the right, you'll see the locker room. Go in there, and get into a Cop uniform.

Now that you're dressed for it, you'll be able to go further into the station. Make your way upstairs to the offices, and search for the key card. It'll be hidden in room infront of you when you enter the office (the same room as a hidden package).

Once you have the key card, head back down stairs, and down to the police cells. Use the card to open Cam's cell, and bust him out of the station.

The real police will attempt to stop you. Shoot and run. You'll have to lose your wanted level completely before taking Cam home. Either use the Paint 'n' Spray, or find some police bribes.

If you find it easier, you can leave Cam behind while you go and shake of the law, then come back and collect him once you've cleared your wanted level.

Once you've lost the police, take came to his home in Viceport, on the second island.